Helping Businesses Recover Commercial And Consumer Debt

At Kottemann Law Firm, LLC, we represent a wide variety of businesses with consumer and commercial debt throughout Lousiana and the Southeast. We believe that an individual, customized approach to each debt is essential.

When you consult with us, we will thoroughly review your documents, detail your rights and options under Louisiana collections law, and try to find the best way to resolve your debt. We will also answer your questions about court costs, fees and rates and discuss the steps involved in collection for your particular situation.

We have operated in Kenner and Metairie, LA for 25 years and have built a reputation in the community. We also have access to a number of parishes around the metro area and have good working relationships with firms and businesses all over Greater New Orleans and beyond. This enables our commercial debt recovery attorneys to handle numerous cases with out-of-state creditors or debtors.

Offering An Extensive Array Of Services

Whether your debt is large or small, if it's important to your business, it's important to us. Our attorneys and staff offer services in:

  • Presuit collection: We will work with your debtors to try to resolve your case without litigation if possible to save you time and money. Collection letters, phone calls and contacting insurance companies are often effective in resolving debt quickly and efficiently.
  • Litigation: If out-of-court methods do not work, we are ready and willing to pursue collections litigation to protect your rights as a creditor.
  • Judgment and foreign enforcement: We will use whatever means are appropriate to enforce judgments, including mechanic's liens, wage garnishment, auto repossession and other asset seizures. We can also help out-of-state creditors enforce debts against Louisiana debtors.
  • Medical collections for clinics, health professionals and hospitals: If you have provided health services for patients involved in personal injury lawsuits, we can help you receive compensation for your services through liens and other methods.

To find out more about our services, contact Kottemann Law Firm, LLC, online or call 504-302-8940 or 800-519-0874 for a free consultation at our Kenner office. Our consumer and commercial debt recovery attorneys will work to find the right solutions for you.

We represent creditors throughout Louisiana and the Southeast.