Taking Additional Action To Recover Commercial Or Consumer Debt

Whether we have obtained a judgment for you through litigation or you come to us as a new client with a judgment you have already obtained, you may still need to take further action to recover your debt.

At Kottemann Law Firm, LLC, our judgment recovery attorneys first make sure your judgment is properly recorded in any parish where your debtor has property. That way, there will be a lien on it. He or she will be unable to buy or sell any property in the parish until the debt is resolved.

We then enter a volunteer collection phase, in which we contact your debtor through a post-judgment letter by certified first-class mail. The letter will explain to the debtor how he or she is expected to pay and how much time he or she will have before facing involuntary actions.

Enforcing Judgments In Greater New Orleans And Beyond

If your debtor does not pay voluntarily, we have options such as:

  • Garnishment of wages
  • Seizure of bank accounts
  • Keepers on businesses
  • Repossession of assets
  • Foreclosure of immovable/real property

If it's not possible to garnish wages, your debtor has no bank account and there is difficulty finding out where he or she works, we can hold a judgment debtor examination. A hearing will be set in which your debtor will be obliged to provide all income tax returns, bank statements and financial information and submit him or herself to questioning under oath.

Foreign Enforcement

Often, our clients come to us through collection attorneys from other states. If they have judgments that have been filed in another state, but their debtors are in Louisiana, our attorneys can help with the enforcement of foreign judgments. We file in Louisiana courts and obtain Louisiana judgments, which can then be enforced locally.

We often work with clients whose debtors live in Mississippi, but work in Louisiana; as the authorities cannot go over the state line, they go through us.

Because of our working relationship with firms outside of Louisiana, we are also easily able to help you enforce your Louisiana judgment even if your debtor moves to Texas, Alabama or another state in the Southeast region.

If you need help to enforce your judgment, contact Kottemann Law Firm, LLC, using our local number at 504-456-1491 or calling us toll-free at 877-456-1091 for a free consultation. You can also contact us online.

We represent creditors throughout Louisiana and the Southeast.